Serious Illness Cover

What we do is arrange Life Assurance & Serious Illness cover for – mortgages, families, individuals, children, inheritence & business partners.  We guarantee the most competitive rates and ensure you dont pay more than you should.

Serious Illness Cover gives you ultimate peace of mind – making sure that your family are provided for and your finances covered in the event of a serious illness. Most of us realise that life assurance is a necessity to protect our families and next of kin if the worst should happen. However as more and more people survive serious illnesses, the need for specific serious illness assurance is growing rapidly.

Specified Illness policy is right for you if:

– You have day-to-day expenses that you would still have to pay if you were diagnosed with a serious illness and were unable to work (for example, mortgage/rent/loans).

– You have dependants who rely on you.

– Your employer does not provide sick pay and you have no other cover in place should you fall seriously ill.