Business Insurance


Insuring your business against fire and theft, professional indemnity, etc, is a normal requirement for most businesses, but what about insuring the most important asset, YOU. Shareholder, Keyman and Income Protection are just some of the solutions.


Keyman – Simply a Life Assurance, policy, with or without Critical Illness cover, which pays a lump sum to the company, in the event of the death or serious illness of a key employee. The proceeds can be used to repay bank debt, honour personal guarantees, or help the company overcome the financial loss of the key employee


Shareholder – Simply a Life Assurance policy, with or without Critical Illness cover, that pays a lump sum to the deceased shareholder’s estate, in lieu of the value of their shareholding in the company


Income Protection – More commonly known as PHI (Permanent Health Insurance), it pays an agreed monthly income to the individual who is unable to work due to accident or any illness, for as long as they are out of work. In 2009, stress accounted for almost 60% of all PHI claims and premiums are fully tax deductible


Pension Term Assurance – This is simply a Life Assurance policy, but as it is governed by relevant Pension legislation, premiums are fully tax deductible. These policies cannot be assigned to a bank as security against a loan or mortgage, but they are a very tax efficient way of putting in place “personal” life cover


Death in Service – This is another form of Pension Life Assurance, although for Groups of employees, rather than individuals


Group Schemes – Group Pension, Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection schemes can be put in place. These can be significantly less expensive than individual arrangements and are an excellent way of recruiting and retaining quality staff